Mistic Electronic Cigarette Review

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Mistic Electronic Cigarette - Review

from Misticecigs.com

Product description

Mistic is a new brand that has shown up in truck stops, rest stops and buyers clubs recently. Mistic offers a two piece electronic cigarette with a replaceable cartridge and a rechargeable battery. They offer a traditional tobacco and menthol tobacco cartridges in 1.8%, 1.2% and 0% nicotine levels.

The battery comes 70% charged so you can smoke the product right out of the package. The Mistic 2 package, the same size as a cigarette pack, includes 2 cartridges (1.8%), 1 battery and 1 USB charger which makes it a great deal at a low price.

Product Research

Mistic announced the completion of the WERCSmart Chemical Assessment Review Process in November 2011. This entailed the full disclosure of critical product and chemical composition for each component of the Mistic ecig product line. Now OSHA compliant, with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each product, Mistic is now the best documented e-cigarette available. This documentation will help support the safety that the electronic cigarette smoking public demands in the products they choose.

Mistic's electronic cigarette offers a guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials if purchased from Mistic or an authorized Mistic Dealer for 12 months after date of purchase, see website for details.

I purchased the Mistic 2 package, and used their excellent  website to order some extra carts packs to text the product, and write this review. Both Mistic traditional tobacco, and menthol tobacco flavor ecigs give a smooth action on inhale that is very acceptable. The larger diameter, and longer battery seem to give this ecig the best airflow tested, strikingly similar to that of a regular cigarette. Very good traditional tobacco taste and quite realistic tobacco scent.






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